Calling all people from HMS Trouncer or HMS Thane!

Bob Flegg, HMS Trouncer or HMS Thane
Bob Flegg from HMS Trouncer and HMS Thane

Bob Flegg, aged 92, has asked us if we could help to find fellow shipmates that served with him on HMS Trouncer or HMS Thane on the North Atlantic convoys during the Second World War.  If would be great if anyone who may know someone that may know him could get in touch!

Contact: Doug May


5 thoughts on “Calling all people from HMS Trouncer or HMS Thane!

  1. My Dad, was a wireless telegrapher ( I think that’s what it’s called) on the Trouncer from about late 1943 and was part of the crew who returned her to America.
    His name was Les Kelly, born in Liverpool in 1924. Sadly Dad died in 2009 but it would be interesting to talk with anyone who knew him then

    1. My father died in 1980, he was Petty Officer Signals on The Trouncer. Didn’t get much info from him about the war but he was a good photographer and took a lot of photos. Be glad to swap some if you have any (email or messenger)

  2. My Friends father, Christopher Parkes from Wigan, Lancastershire England was a Gun Mechanic on the HMS Trouncer, in 1945, but Christopher sadly died in 1996 in Wigam, England.

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