Our EGM held on Wednesday 13th October covered everything except voting which will be included as normal in our AGM next year.  

Doug gave a brief Chairman’s report:

‘Because of the pandemic we were unable to hold our 2019 or 2020 AGMs so, by law, we were required to hold one as soon as possible after the resumption of business.  To arrange a full voting procedure would have taken too long so this is the best we could do quickly, which is everything except elections.  Assuming everything is what we used to call normal, we will hold a full AGM with elections next May.

Lockdown was a devastating period for the branch.  Although not to Covid, we lost five long time members, namely stalwarts Philip Auden, Len Dibb-Western, Bert Harris, Michael Fleming and Harry Butler.  Many of our regular members really missed the companionship of being able to get together for coffee mornings and meetings.

But, no more looking backwards, it’s time to look forward now and hope our regular committee and members meetings and the coffee mornings will continue.  As a Christmas dinner hasn’t been possible this year, for the Christmas meeting we will ask Sharon to do us a special buffet.

For next year, we will arrange something in the summer as we weren’t able to celebrate our 25th Anniversary last May.  Depending on what you would all like, we could do our boat trip up the river again or hire a coach for a day out to somewhere.  Suggestions are always welcome.  Weather permitting, we’ll have a couple of barbeques at the cottage as Pete is always happy to do them.  We would also hope to have a Christmas dinner again.

So friends, it’s time to start living – make the most of it everyone and enjoy life again.’

The Treasurer’s report followed with all the figures in the newsletter for members to digest and the accounts were approved and adopted.  Membership was next with numbers down to 85 from 107 two years ago.  71 of those are paying members with the balance made up of widows and honorary members.

There were two items on the agenda.  The first was ratify the committee’s decision for Gayner Stiles to take on the Vice-Chairman role until voting next May, which was passed, and notification of a proposed increase in subs from £8.00 to £10.00 which again will be voted on in May 2022.  Consequently, any increase agreed would not be effective until 1st January 2023.

The EGM closed with Doug confirming the AGM date of Wednesday 11th May 2022 at 12.00 for 12.30 with a free buffet afterwards for all those attending.


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