Bill Weston who lives in Australia is looking for information about his late father William Leonard Weston.  The family lived in Lawrence Weston.  His MN number was R193598.

He served in the MN from 1941 when he was 16/17 years old to the middle 50’s.  His first ship left from Avonmouth in 1941 and after the war he did coastal runs sailing from Bristol.

Bill has some of his war records but nothing after 1945.  William died aged 59 in 1983.


Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Many thanks for putting this request up so promptly. His first ship out of Avonmouth in 1941 was the “regent Lion”.
    Two ships I know of after the war were ‘Cato” and “Juno” both sailed from Bristol and to my knowledge did coastal runs .
    Thank you again
    Bill Weston Jnr.

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