Len Dibb-Western

We learnt this morning, Monday 22nd March, that our old friend Len Dibb-Western crossed The Bar in the early hours.

His funeral is Tuesday 13th April at 11.30 at Weston Crematorium.

The family would like MN members as pall bearers, a guard of honour and standards.  Volunteers would be appreciated (contact Doug) but Doug will also be contacting members to find those willing to help.

The restriction on numbers still applies, just 30 attendees, so pall bearers etc may have to leave but there should be a few spaces available for some members to stay.  As soon as the number is known we will pass that on.

Best wishes to you all, take care and stay safe


Rev Philip Auden

Our friend and Padre, Philip Auden, Crossed The Bar on Tuesday 19th January at home. He will be much missed. There will be a small family service and eventually a Memorial Service at Portishead at a date to be arranged.

Bill Anderson

Yesterday we learned that Bill Anderson died from COVID on Friday night.  Bill was an example to us all. He was the Chairman of the Liverpool Merchant Navy Association, former Bosun, ITF Inspector and Union Official.  He fought hard for the relatives of the crew of the Derbyshire which foundered with all crew 10 September 1980. He was a major force in the subsequent enquiry and with many other. Always fighting doggedly for seamen’s rights.

October 19 2020

John Rix

Today we have heard that John Rix, the Editor of ‘Full Ahead’ for some 17 or 18 years, died this morning from pancreatic cancer.  Viv Foster and I had spoken with him. Viv almost daily and visiting once. He was positive to the end, even giving me suggestions for me to pass on to Sandra Turner, the next Editor of ‘Full Ahead’ … it was his ‘baby’, he was passionate about it.

October 18th 2020
May both Bill and John Rest in peace … and may they find fair winds & calm seas the other side of the bar.

Ray Buck

We have been informed that Ray Buck has crossed the bar on October 15th aged 99.

October 19 2020