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    Sorry to read the news that Len has died. He was a veteran of WW2 and some of his experiences can be read on the Bristol Heroes page. I had the pleasure of escorting an MNA party to the Normandy beaches and Len gave a moving speech at Arromanches. Len also featured in The Real Cruel Sea Exibition which travelled the UK, plus his story is on the BBC Peoples War website. He was a credit to the Merchant Navy serving in its Finest Hour.


  2. I am a Member of MNA Merseyside Branch. Trying to Contact Ron Thomas Re.Model Derricks. Alfie Hinks MNA MERSEYSIDE BRANCH CHAIRMAN. Has a Pre School Training school. He & myself have left V/Ms msgs, no reply. He is very interested in putting them in the EDH.Classroom. My Contact is 0151 222 6912. vbseddon@aol.co.uk & Facebook. RSVP. THANX Bill Seddon.

  3. The passing of Captain Hamish Grant
    Sad news indeed a fine figurehead for the branch at a time when it needed a calm and firm hand on the wheel to steer it through some very important and busy times in its short history and Hamish provided just that with the support of his wife. He will be missed.

  4. Hamish, we will miss you.i will remember Hamish in two halves over my 23 years in the Branch from the smoke filled Railway Club to Open Doors Day to The Harbour Festival ALWAYS ready to talk , share his memories in his quiet way and dry humour ! Then go back over 50 years to working with him when he was a Dock Pilot at Avonmouth.I worked 14 years on Tugs when words like Health and Safety hadnt arrived yet.I can picture Hamish stood on the pierhead waiting to take over from the Channel Pilot.Tug work was hard in those days and alot of Pilots didnt treat us to kindly but Hamish was always aware of our well being like the Gentleman and Seaman he was. Andy

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