Friday 26th May: National MNA EGM in Liverpool and a full weekend of BoA80 events. As part of the National committee, Doug is planning to go for the weekend with Linda.  The last time he was there was in his MN days. He will report on the meeting and events next month. 

Friday 2nd June: Coffee Morning at The Cottage, 10.00 to 12.00

Wednesday 14th June: Branch meeting, 12.00 for 12.30. RBL Whitchurch

Friday 7th July: Coffee Morning at The Cottage, 10.00 to 12.00.

Wednesday 12th July: Branch meeting, 12.00 for 12,30 RBL Whitchurch

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16t July: Harbour Festival. Harbour Festival, cottage open, stalls and barbecue. As yet, we don’t know what effect the Underfall Yard fire will have on the event. Andy reported that the fire has been devastating. He knows someone involved with the proposed renovations and reports that English Heritage are going to help. Thankfully, the visitor centre, pumphouse and café are intact. He reported that following a meeting with the Barnacle Boys, they are very keen to join us at the harbour festival event at the cottage. They would perform several times from midday until 4pm. They are keen to include Bristol MNA on their flyer. Collections will be 100% for us including donations and CD sales. Andy suggested that we share these monies with breast and prostate cancer charities. Perhaps next year they could be included on both days of the harbour festival weekend. Doug reiterated the tragedy of the fire as did many members. 

Sunday 30th July: Plaque Service. The date of Sunday 30th July has been agreed with Charles and Ted. Although the service follows the same format each time, the families appreciate seeing the standards and members in their jackets so members were encouraged to attend if they can. 

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